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Learn our story ... and how it led us to YOURS.

Our Mission & Vision

We’ve always believed that stories change the world

And that goes for stories of all kinds. As a novelist, founder Roseanna M. White has a passion for using fictional stories to impact hearts and minds…but the power of story goes well beyond any one type. And it most certainly extends to true stories…stories we all experience, stories we live, stories that bring us to where we were are. Stories of family and faith, of fortune and loss, of adventure and discovery. Tragedies and joys. These are the stories that have made our whole world. And when we can understand each others’ stories…well, that’s when we can truly learn to understand and love each other.



The Inspiration

The more novels Roseanna wrote, the more emails she began getting. And some of them weren’t so much about the books themselves as about how they reminded the reader of something else…often of someone else. A father or grandmother or aunt or neighbor who lived a story very similar to her hero or heroine’s.

As these stories began filling Roseanna’s inbox, she found the whole concept of story collection working its way into one of her books, Dreams of Savannah. The heroine, Cordelia, is a storyteller and writer. But as she travels through her own story, she comes to realize that life is about more than stumbling into a romance or an adventure. It’s about living the story you want to tell. It’s about seeing the stories of the people around you and letting that change how you view them.

As the daughter of a slave-holding family, Cordelia had been raised to see her slaves as more furniture than people. But as her eyes are opened to the trials of one particular servant, she comes to realize that everyone around her has a story. They have histories. They have families. They have cried and laughed and fought and prayed.

They are people.

Only when we really know someone’s story are we capable of understanding how they’re like us, where they’re different, and why. Only when we know their story can we truly love them.

As Cordelia discovered this truth, it nestled deep in Roseanna’s heart too. In the back of the book she left an open invitation to all her readers: Tell me your stories.

But one invitation to a handful of readers who actually read her author’s note wasn’t quite enough. And so, she decided to begin this project.

Seeing the Story is a gathering place. A place for story-tellers and story-seekers and story-collectors to come together. A place to post your stories and share them with your family, your neighbors, and the world. A place the learn the stories of others too.

“It’s through our stories—the ones we live and the ones we tell—that we are known to the world. It’s through our stories that we learn to love our neighbors.”

– Roseanna M. White

Who We Are

Our Team

Meet the team that runs Seeing the Story

Roseanna M. White

Roseanna M. White


The founder of Seeing the Story is Roseanna M. White. Roseanna is the author of dozens of historical fiction novels, a book cover designer, homeschooling mom, wife, worship leader, and managing editor of the WhiteFire Publishing group.

David White

David White

Technology Coordinator

Rachel Dixon

Rachel Dixon


Becky Van Vleet

Becky Van Vleet



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I share my story?

You can write it up, call in on your phont to record an audio version, or use a Zoom link to record your video! Click on the “Share Your Story” tab for details on how to get started.

What if I have a pre-recorded audio or video file, or a document already written?

Great! You can upload your existing files through the links on the “Share Your Story” tab!

How long will it take my story to appear on the site?

This site is run entirely by volunteers who have to moderate each submission, so it could take anywhere from a few hours to a week for your submission to appear. We appreciate your patience!

What kind of stories are you looking for?

Whichever stories you want to make sure are told and preserved! They can be family history, your own story of how you ended up where you are, adventures you or yours had, stories of racial reconciliation, war stories, love stories…you name it, we’d love to hear it!

How can I host a Story Collection in my area?

We have a starter kit for you to reference and download to help you plan your Story Collection! Just visit the “Story Collector Kit” tab for details.

If I share my story, am I giving you ownership of it?

Never! Your stories are always your own; they use your words, your voice. The only right we retain is to share them on this site and the affiliate newsletter and social media. If we would like to use your story in any other way, we’ll contact you for special permission.

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