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A Christmas Accident: Teri’s Story

by Cara Grandle Teri Halverson juggled the Christmas presents she brought for her coworkers into one arm, so she could press the lock button on her key fob. With her car locked tight, she settled her purse strap higher on her shoulder and made her way out of the...

There’s No Place Like Home

by Becky Van Fleet There’s no place like home. No, I’m not writing about Dorothy. I am writing about my paternal grandfather, Taras William Troyanenkov. I am writing about a man of many homes, a man of honor, perseverance, and a family man. I never knew my Grandpa...

Summertime Save: Eric’s Story

by Cara Grandle The sun bore down on Erik Halverson’s back as he stood hip-deep in the cool Molalla River. People swam and sunbathed all around him on this mid-July scorcher. Erik and Bobby, the neighbor boy, stopped to watch a man in denim cutoffs do a cannonball off...

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Snap—Crackle--Pop When most of us hear these three words, we think of the Rice Krispies cereal, right? For me, these three words take me back more than 60 years ago to my grandparents’ back porch. As a young girl, I looked...

That Old Pink Robe

Pass a keepsake along to the next generation. You never know how precious it may be!

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